SAB Group announces that it has just opened a subsidiary in Madrid in order to develop its presence on the Spanish market. It will be led by Pascal Portes. 

SAB Group wishes to capitalize on its international successes and enhance its expertise in Spain in the implementation of its software solutions and its service offers to banking and financial institutions. In order to be able to quickly deploy SAB AT solutions, the Group will rely on its own resources and local partnerships.

The Madrid entity will be headed by Pascal Portes. A sales engineer (IAE University of Montpellier II – class of 2000), Pascal Portes began his career in the financial sector at Inforsud Ingénierie. In 2007, he joined Petals Link as Sales Director, then in 2011, Talend as Global Account Manager before integrating a vendor of banking software as Market Director in charge of North Africa in 2013. Pascal Portes joined SAB Group in June 2018. 

“Thanks to Pascal Portes’ experience,” says Bernard Le Sueur, Sales Director of SAB Group, “we are confident that we have a contact person who will understand the Spanish market and customers and who will be able to convey SAB’s values based on respect for the customer, professionalism and commitment to the success of projects”.

Pascal Portes comments on the choice of this location: “This is a very exciting project, which aims to make SAB one of the significant players in this market in the coming years. We are convinced that we have the two essential characteristics expected by this market: first, a solution that is among the most state-of-the-art and complete on the market from a functional point of view, and second, a solution that makes it possible to transform existing financial institutions digitally (‘digital enablement’) or, a fortiori, that meets the expectations of new digital entrants”.

Press release (PDF)