Since 1989, the SAB Group has designed, developed, installed, integrated and maintained its solutions on a world-wide basis.


Since 3 July 2019, Sopra Banking Software has become the majority shareholder of SAB. See the press release.


Opening of SAB Madrid.

Launch of Open Sab, the whole SAB business in the form of APIs, a SaaS API management offering.


The SAB Digital Banking offer is designed to complete the core banking solution SAB AT; it includes three software packages each intended for a separate channel: web (Your Portal), smartphone (Your Mobile) and in-branch ATMs (Your ATM).


Opening of the capital to IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, to bolster financial system infrastructures in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Creation of SAB Morocco through the acquisition of BFC (Consulting services).

Launch of the SAB Trophy for Sustainable Finance which honors the best research or thesis on sustainable finance. A dedicated website is created.

SAB becomes Observer Member of IFSB (Islamic Financial Services Board).


Acquisition of the audit, consulting and accounting company Scacchi & Associates (SAB Conseil).


Creation of a subsidiary company in Dubai: SAB International, the deployment base to cover the Middle and Near East, the Gulf countries, Asia, the English-speaking parts of Africa, and the Far East.


Launching of the SAB AT solution. It offers considerable advancements over the previous version A8 and, in particular, some major innovations:

  • Major technological innovations
  • A new graphical user interface adopting a new intuitive ergonomically-designed interface (display in web 2.0/html mode)
  • The embedded workflow FlowMind.

Creation of SAB Services, an entity to manage its SaaS offer and targets financial institutions which want to outsource their full or partial IT system to a SaaS provider.

Acquisition of the workflow software FlowMind which becomes an essential component of SAB AT.


Opening of SAB Tunis.

SAB celebrates its 20 years and confirms its motto towards its clients: “Spark your creativity and forget your IT”!


Launching of Version A8, offering many new functionalities, a graphic interface, and the following main new modules : sales front-end, structured finance credits, SEPA module, flows-routing platform, POS management.


Launching of the AIX Unix-based solution following full application of the solution under System I5 (formally AS 400). SAB now offers the same solution for two technical environments.

Acquisition of the firm and software SAMIC (Securities offer). SAMIC had been formally created in 1981 by the Compagnie Monégasque de Banque.


Opening of the Vannes office (French Brittany) to house support and development teams.


Banque Bruxelles Lambert (France) becomes the first client to be supplied with Version V0. The bank is taken over by ING in 2001.


Opening of the Beirut office as a regional commercial platform for the Middle East and an off-shore development centre.


Launching of SAB solution developments and creation of the company.

Strategic decision to target France as the primary market, offering a full and flexible solution capable of satisfying the requirements of a mature and sophisticated European market (cf. clearing systems, fiscal and regulatory legislation).

The product design is sponsored and validated by four banking establishments, each one representing a different business sector, in order to construct, at source, a single universal banking solution.